BELT OUT YOUR TRUE COLORS with a buckle from Buckles in a Snap! We partner with artists to offer a new canvas for their creations making their art, wearable art.  Our artists include stationery pioneers Boatman Geller, celebrated designer Julie Browning Bova, American artist Francesca Joy, still life painter Kara K. Bigda, and our own signature line, EA Designs, that parallels the fashion world's seasonal colors. 

All buckles are handmade in the USA out of zinc metal and come with a pewter or a gold, bronze finish. Each buckle is completed with a high gloss sealant which gives a glass like appearance.

Every buckle from Buckles in a Snap will fit on any snap belt strap that is 1.5 inches or smaller. This allows you to change your look in a snap!

We also specialize in custom, corporate and non-profit showcasing.

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